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to be a part of a:

  • Innovative Equipment Leasing Brokerage Firm where YOU can earn $300,000.00+ per year servicing your vendors?

  • Sales organization where YOU are provided the vendors that will produce the monthly volume?

  • A top notch support team to help YOU process all your Equipment Leases?

  • Resource rich company with over 300MM in lending capacity for “A” “B” “C”& “D” Credit for YOUR vendors customers!

Lionhart Capital Ltd (LCL) fosters a culture of opportunity, accountability and reward for jobs well done! We offer the flexibility to work in a virtual office environment with all the benefits of a highly educated staff to support you in a commissioned ‘eat what you kill’ environment. LCL’s unlimited earnings potential is based on your ability to produce results from your Vendors within an entrepreneurial sales environment.

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How do mobile massage or beauty work?

mobile massage and beauty works when click the Book Now button to schedule an in Home service on location. We send qualified professionals to your location within an hour or two to serve you professionally in your desired service. You provide the sheets, and pillow case for the head rest and well bring our table, comforting music, and 5 star service to your home, hotel, or on location.

Cancellation Costs?

We have a 2 hour cancellation policy where you will not be charged if you cancel the service within 2 hours of your appointment. If you cancel the service within 1 hour of your service you will be charge $50.00 or less than an hour the full rate of the service. Our cancellation policy for Home Wellness is 6 hours.

Where do you service?

I Tanya Williams decided to give the people what they want "Me"! I know the type of quality i want this company to provide and its only the best. I have decided to serve people that know my rate is worth my experience and value because I am one of the best therapists in my field. I will prove it to you when you book me. I serve in Salt Lake City and Utah County with Facials, and Cosmetology services, and have professionals in Los Angeles, Orange County, and parts of Inland Empire for massage therapy on location.

Do you have a location?

We serve on Location with Massage , Beauty, and Cosmetology services. We provide Massage Parties in California and Utah. We do not currently have a physical location.

Can i book my desired professional directly?

Absolutely through our site on Aahrelax.net you can choose them directly. We have Tanya in Los Angeles County, she will be serving only because her work ethics tells her that clients deserve the best that their hard earned money will pay for. Its hard to teach contractors this lesson that the clients deserve the best. Tanya williams will give them that best.

Tanya's Resume:

These are clients I have had the pleasure of serving: Writers of "Legends of Tomorrow" Current clients James Eagan & wife John Levinstein - The Kroll Show crew and staff on set Chris Robinson - While filming the New Edition movie in Santa Monica Carmelo Anthony - while with the Nuggests Steve Smith while a NYC Giant Mia - Singer/Dancer Antonia G - Entourage Thomas Robinson - Rookie on the lakers at the time Beth Ditto - Singer Rocker Maloof Housewife of Beverly Hills Doc Rivers Clipper Coach and many more to verify ....... I am hoping to add you to the list.

Are Tips Included?

Tips are included in the Mobile Massage Therapy rates only, and not for parties. We want to help reduce the spread of any virus and diseases. Adding the tip allows guests to pay online without risks and having to pay in person. Please Book Online. We ask that you pay for the service and we will arrive at your location on the date & time to provide the service. With the exception of massage parties you can tip in person or online at Venmo or any other app that you choose @tanyaL-williams

What other products do you offer?

We've been offering Pure Raw Shea Butter for more than 5 years and have an amazing quality and pureness about our Shea Butter. We will deliver it FREE if you order 25.00 or more, and have curbside delivery in Sandy Utah. We offer you gift cards for your services and are currently get up to $25.00 off when you purchase gift cards for yourself or as a gift for others.